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David Klien

FOUNDER / President

David is a co-founding member of Corsa and a key member of the Chico riding community. Your bound to catch a peek at the gun show whenever he’s out and about on a group ride or a ride leader on the Sunday LSD ride.


Dain Melton


Dain has been a member of Corsa for 4 years and is an avid cyclist. While you’re sure to catch him on the Fast 50 or Thursday Night Cross also known as “TNX” he is a true Mountain Biker at heart. This is Dain’s first year on the Board of Directors and is a great addition to the group.

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Heather Claibourn


Heather has been a member of Chico Corsa four years, currently serving a second year as Secretary for the Chico Corsa Board of Directors.  Over six years ago, after years as a runner, she was introduced to lycra, helmets, and clip shoes.  As the bike collection and variety grows, she rides hard on the Fit 50, has taken podium for uphill competition, grins through every ride, has volunteered for countless events, and has plans to ‘cross bike across Spain this year.  She introduces others to the sport, loves to help newbies, and, although she frequents many of the cycling clubs and events, is proud to wear the Corsa green.



Phil Clements


Phil has been involved with Corsa for several years and is a valued member of Corsa.


Spencer Holmes


Spencer has been cycling for about a decade and has been an active member of Chico Corsa since 2016. Spencer does all kinds of riding ranging from road to cyclocross to mountain biking; however, his main interest is bikepacking. As a board member, Spencer hopes to help build a stronger cycling community and put together rides that take people off the beaten path.

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Linda Zorn

Member at large

Linda is an avid cyclist and has been a long time Corsa member.


Brennan Percy

Member at Large

Brennan is a life long cyclist, a cycling advocate, and a pro level racer.

He has been associated with Corsa for several years now since moving to California from Louisiana.

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