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Mission Statement: Chico Corsa Cycling Club is a non-profit, all volunteer bicycle club dedicated to advancing the sport of cycling with riders of all ages, levels, and disciplines by promoting racing, group rides, local events and community involvement in Chico, CA. While many of our members are passionate bike racers, we are not a race specific team. If you or your family love to ride bikes, we are here to support you! We strive to build an inclusive cycling community for the greater Chico area. To encourage participation in group cycling and promote education, safety, and public awareness of the sport of cycling through planned rides and related cycling activities.



Butts on Bikes

Get more people out on group rides and introduce new people to the sport we all love.

Grow women’s cycling in Chico, Ca.

Our goal is to create a welcoming and non-intimidating riding community that lets the sport of cycling blossom in the greater Chico area.

Foster a better riding community.

One of our main goals is to bring together a fractured riding community into a community that is focused on synergy and friendship so no barriers stand between riding with friends.

Have fun

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Chico Corsa was founded in 2005,

as the racing team for Chico Velo.

David Klien  |  Founder



Chico Corsa History

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Today we are a fun group of cyclists

that love to ride and want to share that passion with you.

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